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From the very beginning of activity, NP5 sought to be a trend-setter rather than a trend-follower. One of the main technological advantages is the production of light steel frames (LGSF – light gauge steel framing). This is carried out by NP5 Technology. Having acquired state-of-the-art steel processing machinery from Howick, we offer ready-to-live-in LGSF houses that represent multiple benefits including lower price for end-customers, energy efficiency for northern regions, environmental sustainability, extreme durability, outstanding exterior and interior design, and, of course, a much quicker construction time./p>

The deviation of frame elements produced by the company does not exceed 1 mm. The metal used in production is coated with additional anti-corrosion protection. NP5 chooses only the highest quality 350-550 MPa density steel from world-renowned manufacturers. The technological process of light steel frame production provides an opportunity to improve the supporting properties of the frame and greatly simplify its installation and assembly.

The profile ends of vertical stands produced by NP5 are folded. This folding guarantees the stable perpendicular connection with upper panel and lower panel. One more technological advantage of folding compared to traditional construction methods (when profiling structures are used) is the bending of structural elements. Asymmetry of cross sections of manufactured profiles enables the development of reinforced beams by placing one profile into another and thus forming a structurally solid “box“.

NP5 performs such profile optimisation operations as dimple hole (preperforated hole, connection of frame profiles by latching and tightening with the help of screws); swage (ensuring the perfect plane); end truss of 45° (angular cutting of a profile); notch (thorough connection of profiles); service hole (concealing of electric cables and other installation); triple web hole (joining of panels), printing (marking each frame with permanent ink to simplify the assembly process), etc.

All above-mentioned operations are performed by means of perforation to protect the places of galvanised surface from damage. Zinc coated steel with a density of Z275 grams per square meter from world-renowned manufacturers is used for this process. Perforation eliminates the possibility of corrosion.

The precision of construction production technology allows avoiding human factor and unforeseen errors. The most modern equipment ensures that LGSF houses can compete against the best residential houses in terms of energy efficiency, functionality, durability, and modern aesthetic excellence.

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Wall panels

Wall panels are a time-and-cost-saving solution that meets the expectations for rational construction of those who look for a practical way to decorate indoor premises.

Solid and lightweight wall panels are made using NP5 technology and distinguish themselves with outstanding geometry and even surfaces. They can be used for indoor partitions, indoor sections and modules, pavements, pediments and partition panels.


NP5 trusses can be used not only for ceiling or floor, but also during the construction of overlays between balconies, terraces, flat roofs or building floors. A crucial feature of these trusses is a significantly better sound insulation.

Roof trusses

There is no place for errors in roof coating. The structure must be perfectly accurate for the roof to be solid, resistant to snow and other loads. Roof trusses produced and assembled by NP5 facilitate roofing or roof refurbishing processes and ensure the roof’s correct shape. NP5 takes into consideration the existing provisions of construction regulations and limit loads specific to the construction site.

Roof trusses can be customised for all types of supports and walls. LGSF trusses will be useful for general roof renovation, building additional floors on existing structures, installing roof on existing supports or walls, reconstructing roofs of factories or other buildings.



NP5 LGSF technology is a real escape for customers who are tired of the never-ending and challenging process that is traditional construction. The popularity of this construction technology is growing in the world rapidly (although NP5 is unique in using it to produce ready-to-live-in houses). It allows to achieve the maximum quality of the end-product while also saving time and money.

The technology can be employed at any time of the year without welding: light steel frame elements are installed on light strip foundations simply, promptly and easily, and tightened with self-tapping screws or rivets. Metal properties ensure the absence of settling and deformation even after a longer period. LGSF materials also feature very high fire resistance. Refined technical properties provide more freedom to implement original and modern housing interior solutions.

Functionally practical and affordable light steel structures are environmentally friendly, have no odour, do not release harmful substances, and leave no construction waste, defective or other unnecessary elements during the construction process on site.



and Engineering

MDesigning and engineering are the fundamental stages of LGSF house production. The company specialists with many years of experience and love for their work use state-of-the-art engineering software to make sure final construction products correspond to the customers’ expectations.
The team of constructors and designers of our company perform calculations according to requirements regulated by European standard Eurocode and the standards that are particular to the specific project. LGSF projects are transferred to production only after having coordinated the design of all structural parts of the project.

During the design and engineering process, our specialists provide expert advice on all issues regarding building walls, roof trusses, floor trusses, indoor partitions, balconies, mansards, attics, stairwells, etc.