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NP5 Constructions is engaged the implementation of medium and large-scale commercial, administrative, farm and other building construction projects, as well as reconstruction and renovation projects. The separate unit of the company also carries out standardised construction works according to ready-made house plans.

NP5 Constructions activity is standardised to the maximum. The company’s specialization directions and models of construction works are optimized according to five essential criteria of a good construction product in order to implement the product-based model of cooperation.

Construction solutions are packaged, purchased, and built as ready-made made products.


Large-scale industrial construction projects require an organized and professional company, the reliability of which is proved not only by experience, but also by the feedback of satisfied customers. Commercially oriented buildings must be properly designed and the construction process carried out responsibly according to a plan prepared by experts. Otherwise, the customer can suffer huge losses in the long run if the wrong design decisions are made, if engineering gaps are not noticed in time, or if mistakes are already made in the attempt to putty. NP5 Constructions team has accumulated many years of experience in designing, building and supervising the construction of industrial facilities. Using state-of-the-art technology and a cohesive team of experts in our field, we perform a wide range of work for various industrial projects (logistics and warehousing centers, production facilities, waste recycling centers, breweries, etc.).

Industrial construction often requires the ability to adapt to more complex working conditions and to think extremely carefully about the engineering of an object. NP5 Constructions offers its customers optimal technical and technological solutions for the installation of building foundations and reinforced foundations, even in extremely difficult conditions (in landfills, wetlands, on water or inside industrial facilities). A team of specialists also performs deep excavation support and protection installation works and takes care of all the most important soil foundation tests and measurements.

We provide our clients with the most modern solutions for the design and construction of industrial buildings, which allow us to avoid unreasonable project costs and which can become a solid investment in long-term success.



When a need comes for new buildings, businesses seek partners who have a strong deadline orientation. NP5 offers you what is missing in today’s market. Responsible terms, clearly defined costs, in-depth knowledge and know-how and mutual trust are our top priorities.

NP5 promises an end-product that no one will have to finish off. We respect your precious time. We seek to eliminate stressful challenges from your agenda (the types of challenges that are encountered during traditional construction). Our construction products are standardized and easily customizable according to your needs.


Our long-term experience helped to develop a system that allows our customers to entrust all commercial construction processes to us without any worries. You should be able to direct your time and energy to your business priorities instead of worrying about the technicalities of construction.



NP5 Group has been engaged in construction field since 2008. The company has started its way from the construction of individual houses and apartment buildings. It is the area where NP5 is most experienced. Although today the Group covers a significantly wider range of specializations, the construction of residential purpose projects remains an important area.

NP5 specialists plan and design all engineering systems of residential purpose buildings, provide comprehensive advice, help make the correct decisions for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, water supply and sewage, electrical engineering, process management and automation, fire, alarm, electronic connections and other systems.


If you select NP5 as your residential construction partner, you will no longer have to waste your time and energy. NP5 team covers a wide range of activities including construction repair works, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration works.

NP5 is an expert company in the execution standardised A, A+ category construction works for the Northern climatic zone. We have a great number of ready-made architectural plans available. These plans enable the customer to review and compare a great number of different options before making the final choice.


The organization, execution and supervision of construction works is the most important specialization of NP5. It covers a wide range of activities, including construction repairs and exterior and interior finishing work, the volume of which is growing every year. A separate division of the company also implements standardized construction projects based on repetitive residential models. 

At each stage, the company sets the highest quality standards, uses only the most advanced, high-quality materials, and carefully controls all construction processes. With a circle of carefully selected, reliable partners and suppliers, bringing together only professional and long-term experienced construction specialists in the team, the company systematically ensures a result that meets the customer's expectations. 

The main advantage of the group in the market is the product cooperation model, which saves customers time and money and allows them to be sure of the final construction product.



Concreting works

Long-term experience

Long-term experience and consistent technology improvement allowed NP5 to become one of the most reliable construction companies in concreting of monolithic structures. NP5 performs the works of monolithic concreting, reinforced concrete structures concreting, as well as concreting of all types of foundation structures, retaining walls, beams, pillars and other structures.

The quality of the service is ensured by systemically performed soil preparation works, such as soil excavation and backfilling, compaction, levelling and insulating layers.

We carry out all kinds of concrete works for different residential, industrial and commercial applications and facilities (warehouses, agricultural facilities, residential houses, monolithic multi-storey buildings, etc.).

Only certified reinforcement products and concrete mixtures complying with statutory requirements are used to perform concrete works. The machinery used in the process is friendly to the environment.



Types of industrial floors: concrete floors, cast floors, concrete floors with spread hardener, concrete floors with chemical hardener. Reliable and durable industrial floors are of great importance for full and efficient operation of industrial and storage facilities. When constructing and repairing industrial and storage facilities, the main focus should be on concreting high-quality and strong industrial floors.

The work is performed using modern technology and professional equipment. The company employs highly qualified specialists. We install concrete floors in warehouses, industrial buildings and supermarkets. The works are performed throughout the territory of Lithuania. The accumulated experience of industrial floor casting and the used technology allow to cover exactly 1000 m² and more in one day and to offer customers the right value for money.


Exclusive NP5 competence - medium-sized warehousing, production and farm facilities. We have accumulated a lot of experience and strive to have no equal in the construction of elevators, hangars, reinforced concrete tanks. 

We also produce various building metal constructions. We set ourselves the goal of standardizing these services into products: we aim to ensure that customers can see, evaluate and compare possible work options as early as possible, choosing the end result as a product from a store shelf. 

And for individuals, we are one of the first on the market to choose a house "on a plate" - pre-designed A + energy class metal frame houses, which are manufactured and assembled without the tedious traditional construction process. 


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Residential (one-apartment) buildings, residential (two-apartment) buildings, residential (three- and more-apartment (multi-apartment) buildings, residential (for various social groups) buildings


Auxiliary farm buildings, other (farm) buildings, other (greenhouse) buildings, other (garden) buildings, other buildings.

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