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No-Nonsense Architecture

Simplicity, efficiency, accuracy, universal, innovation.


Ready-To-Live-In Houses

Choose and settle down!


Fresh Approach to Construction

Construction works, concreting works, construction products.

For a Life That’s Easy

Ten years ago, most people understood building design and construction as complex, expensive, time and energy-consuming processes with many surprises and challenges. NP5 Group breaks down the old working methods and offers an alternative product-based model of cooperation.

We have standardized our activity to the maximum by shortening the process chain, as well as minimizing the costs and risks for the buyer. This enables our customers to assess, compare, select and purchase the end products of construction works at a lower price. This way, the experience of buying a house is made similar to the experience of buying a car.

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Constructions, Home design,

NP5 Group has been engaged in construction sector since 2008. The construction of individual residential houses, cottages and apartment buildings eventually evolved into a multi-purpose business that successfully creates value for customers in the major fields of industry, agriculture, commerce, etc.

Today, our specializations include both partial construction work on multilateral projects (concreting of monolithic structures, foundation installation, floor casting, overlapping roofs, industrial spans, light steel frame elements, structures and finished products) and the supervision of farm, administrative and residential buildings’ construction as a general contractor.

Separate units of the company engage in the trade of ready-made architectural plans, the production of ready-to-live-in light steel frame houses, and the development of smart home management technologies.

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Modular houses

Faster, cheaper, modern

Time is one of the greatest values. Modular houses, therefore, represent the perfect solution for those who prefer advanced technologies and a fast result, rather than the time-consuming and costly traditional construction process that can be full of unpleasant surprises. 

The advanced modular technology customised by NP5 Group allows building houses of superior thermal resistance and sustainability complying with Nordic standards. The technology also reduces the final cost of the house significantly.  

During the last decade, we have perfected a list of top modular house projects that were the most popular among buyers. It is no coincidence that all of these house designs have been created in accordance with the criteria of no-nonsense architecture. When selecting a NP5 modular house, you don’t face a risk of purchasing an “average house“. Instead you get a guarantee that the end-product will match your vision of beautiful, comfortable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient home.

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The Wild Wave

The Wild Wave is a house for the ones who value freedom above anything else. Whether you are single or raising a freedom-loving family with your loved one, you refuse to be a part of the rat race

The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box house is for the loving caregivers whose core desire is to love and protect their most precious jewels: their family and loved ones. The Jewelry Box house features a unique synthesis of rigid conservative forms and modern appeal.

The Mountain Slope

Skillion roofs offer a minimalist yet elegant appeal, and are the staple of modern design. This roofing style renders the inside spaces open and airy, as well as allowing in lots of natural lighting. The Mountain Slope is a house for the ambitious ones, for people who value willpower and courage above anything else.

The Sweet Cupcake

The Sweet Cupcake is a modern interpretation of the traditional house with a double-pitched roof. While featuring innovative design and incredibly large windows, the Sweet Cupcake retains a nostalgic feel of traditional living which is so hard to preserve these days.

The Morning Glory

Standard, traditional and normal may be great for most people. But they are the greatest enemies of those who have art living inside them. The Morning Glory house is for creative people who dare to challenge the conventional ways. You are the free spirts, the flower people, the inventors of new worlds.

The Sunbeam Spectacle

The Sunbeam Spectacle house was designed for visionary individuals who have the power to see hidden meanings and opportunities. You are the modern-day magicians who go through life making the impossible possible.

For business

subcontracting, concreting, construction, design, maintenance...

The uniqueness of NP5 Group in competitive construction market is our fresh approach to cooperation with clients. Many design and construction companies still work under the service-based paradigm. They are selling a process that is costly to both parties, and that can offer many surprises and unpleasant challenges along the way.

The client does not want process-oriented services. Clients want the end-result – a final product that no one else will have to finish off. Due to this reason, we have standardized our operations to the maximum by refining the unique specialization areas of the company and optimising our model of construction works. This has created an opportunity for our customers to select, compare, and purchase the end products of construction works at a lower price and at a faster speed. We sell products, not services.

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We live at a time when it’s no longer enough to think of cost-efficient construction. We must also pay attention to environmental efficiency. For us, it is important that all of our buildings are friendly to the environment.

A carefully designed object does not only preserve limited natural resources, limit air, water and soil pollution, but also promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In everything we design and construct, we make sure to use proper materials and machinery, while applying the principles of sustainable construction along the way.

We are currently expanding our activities into the field of light gauge steel frames. The use of this material is a great step forward in reducing the negative footprint that construction industry leaves on the environment.

The weight of modern light steel buildings is several times smaller compared to traditional buildings. This technology also ensures lower costs of transportation and assembly (often without the need for heavy machinery).

The production of light steel frames is an environment-friendly process that does not exploit natural resources, and offers productive outcomes that are fully recyclable. What’s more, our production process leaves little-to-zero waste.

We are trusted

customers, partners

NP5 Group is a trustworthy partner. Locally we are known for our top-quality construction projects implemented in Šiauliai, Vilnius, and other Lithuanian cities. Internationally we are making a name for ourselves as a manufacturer of revolutionary LGSF houses.

Everything we do (from individual houses and apartment buildings to large-scale projects, business centres, large farms, factories and NATO bases) is a proof of a gradual establishment of a product-based cooperation culture that is synonymous with NP5 Group.

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We believe private and commercial objects can be built at a lower cost and without unnecessary quality risks. This requires builders to be able to standardize their services and to assume responsibility for the result - the construction product. Having standardised and converted our services into products, we let our clients purchase construction products with zero stress. 

We rely on five criteria that are characteristic to all projects of NP5 Group: simplicity (no-nonsense), efficiency, precision, universality and five senses. More information about these criteria is available at section “No-Nonsense Architecture“.

The product-based model of cooperation and the concept of no-nonsense architecture guide us in all of our activities.

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