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Ten years ago, most people understood building design and construction as complex, expensive, time and energy-consuming processes with many surprises and challenges. NP5 Group breaks down the old working methods and offers an alternative product-based model of cooperation.

We have standardized our activity to the maximum by shortening the design chain, as well as minimizing the costs and risks for the buyer. This enables our customers to assess, compare, select and purchase the end-products of construction works at a lower price. This way, the experience of buying a house is made similar to the experience of buying a car.

On the other hand, the product-based model of cooperation does not mean the restriction of customers’ freedom of choice. Our team of architects, engineers and technologists is competent to individualize every project so that it meets your unique needs.



Per visą grupės gyvavimo laikotarpį NP5 komandos branduolys praktiškai nesikeitė. Jį sudaro aukščiausios kvalifikacijos specialistai, atsakingi už architektūrinių ir statybinių projektų valdymą. Maža rotacija bei išlaikytas kvalifikuotas ekspertų branduolys yra pagrindinė priežastis, dėl kurios NP5 grupė Lietuvoje yra siejama su pasitikėjimu ir darbų kokybe.

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