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Steel constructions

The introduction of scientific innovations in the construction sector has led to a particularly rapid popularity of light steel construction technology.

Professionally adapted, this technology is not only sustainable, but also much more efficient and cheaper compared to classic older constructions. The distinctive feature of such constructions - lightness - allows to reduce the cost of the building's foundations. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly substance that does not contain any odors or substances that can cause health effects.

NP5 ensures a particularly competitive price for this technology and much more flexible work deadlines. This is due to the fact that the components of lightweight steel structures are prepared in the factory, and their assembly remains to be performed on the construction site. In this way, customers avoid unnecessary defects, construction waste and other challenges common in traditional construction.



The house that fulfils the owner’s wishes is now possible not only in movies. In recent years, smart technologies have resulted in dramatic changes in the construction field, and have significantly contributed to our daily comfort. The combination of innovations has allowed us to create an automated system called Smart House. It includes a variety of functions: building security, climate, lighting, multimedia and other systemic modules, all controlled automatically by the homeowner. When selecting the Smart House technology, people choose to live not only safely and comfortably but also economically.


The rapid development of IT solutions and a growing demand for innovative energy conservation solutions encouraged NP5 to adopt modern technologies in construction processes. These solutions bring efficiency, save valuable financial and time resources, and help eliminate human factor errors.

The state-of-the-art Building Information Modelling (BIM) software used by NP5 has changed the design processes fundamentally, and has enabled 3D spatial design. This method allows representing future objects in space accurately, while also providing precise project documentation. BIM software ensures the availability of all information necessary for the management of the construction project remotely; therefore, even a remote user can connect online at any time and quickly access the necessary data.