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Frames are assembled and installed according to the prepared installation drawings. Every frame element is marked in sequence by indicating an assigned definition of the plate/supporting element. Every plate/supporting element is supplied together with an instruction for assembly. The instruction contains information on the sequence of assembly of elements and their outlay. After assembling the plates and supporting elements, you will find information in the assembly instruction, what is the sequence for you to install walls, overlays, and supporting elements.

Every structural element is locked (a click is heard during the fixation) by a self-drilling bolt to be installed through a pre-punched hole. The used equipment and its functions allow manufacturing of single-sectional frame elements that may be easily interconnected through a notch in the profile wall.
When cutting the profile ends at a 45-degree angle, profiles can be reliably fixed at the point where brackets and diagonal joints will be installed later.

Fastening screws and triple holes are used for interconnecting plates and supporting elements. Moreover, these holes are used to align elements; therefore, it is not necessary to use additional measuring instruments. By using the technology optimising assembly setups, as many as 3 elements can be attached at one point.
These manufactured structures can be installed throughout the year.


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