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  • Private houses;
  • Residential apartment buildings and mixed-use buildings;
  • Educational buildings (e.g. kindergartens, schools, etc.) and residential buildings for students;
  • Buildings for public use (e.g. catering facilities, correctional establishments, etc.);
  • Commercial buildings;
  • Medical buildings;
  • Social care homes;
  • Hotels, etc.


  • Quick manufacturing, erection, and construction, which is 50% faster than standard construction;
  • Convenient and fast construction, which is not limited by climatic conditions;
  • Very precise manufacture, minimal errors;
  • Different layout and re-layouts of premises, functional alteration;
  • Re-location of modules/house moving them to another place, they can be used as temporary buildings;
  • Built-in engineering communications;
  • Prepared internal and external finishing, etc.


NP5 Constructions is engaged the implementation of medium and large-scale commercial, administrative, farm and other building construction projects, as well as reconstruction and renovation projects. The separate unit of the company also carries out standardised construction works according to ready-made house plans.

NP5 Constructions activity is standardised to the maximum. The company’s specialization directions and models of construction works are optimized according to five essential criteria of a good construction product in order to implement the product-based model of cooperation.

Construction solutions are packaged, purchased, and built as ready-made made products.

About us

NP5 is a group of companies operating in Lithuania and Netherlands that consists of five member companies: “NP5 Projects“, “NP5 Constructions“ , “NP5 House“ , “NP5 Technology” and “NP5 Innovation“.

What unites all the members of the group is an underlying ambition to challenge archaic traditions in the fields of architecture and construction where clients and customers must suffer through the tiresome, expensive, and time-consuming service-based execution of projects. Working under a paradigm of no-nonsense housing, NP5 tries to be at the forefront of the product-based revolution in the building sector. The essence of the product-based model lies in eliminating client uncertainties. Architectural projects and construction solutions are packaged, purchased, and built as ready-made made products.

NP5 Group was founded by a team of young and ambitious architects, engineers and technology experts. Although the number of employees grows naturally as the group‘s activities expand, the core remained practically unchanged throughout the entire lifetime of the group. The team consists of top qualification specialists responsible for the management of architectural and construction projects. This is why NP5 Group is associated with trust and quality. 

The leaders of the company are highly-qualified experts who seek to revolutionize the construction industry. Each of them is obsessed with his or her respective line of work, setting a positive example for the growing number of NP5 employees. Motivation has never been an issue at our company, because we don’t wake up just to go to work. We wake up every morning determined to change the world.

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